What you will learn with this eBook

  • SQVI - The basics of reporting in SAP ECC

    How do you capture business information in SAP ECC 6.0 for reporting purposes? In the first chapter you will learn about SQVI and related tools that are built-in with SAP ECC 6.0. You will learn the basics of transactions and how SAP manages data in the backend. You will trace data and understand the backend table model.

  • SAP BI Overview

    How do you leverage the information using BI Edge tools? You will get an overview and understand the main purpose of each tool. We will continue our reporting efforts with ECC tools using InfoSets and connect with BI Edge Crystal Reports. Finally you will publish the report in a web portal format.

  • Operational and Strategic Reporting

    Implementing a report is one thing. However we need to be able to manage the ongoing reporting requirements. In this chapter we will review the information designer and universe concept and discuss a skeleton data model for reporting.

  • The Enterprise Data Model Case-Study

    The case-study shows you how to create and document the data models for your operational reporting strategy. Within SAP there are many tools that assist with this task. Using SE11 and related tools allow you to gather the relevant information. However in the Case-Study a more strategic approach is taken, which will bridge the gap between traditional BW concepts and strictly operational models.

  • XCelsius and Web Services

    With a working reporting strategy and data model you can leverage the data presentation level using Dashboards. In this chapter we will create a simple dashboard based on web services created with BI Edge tools.

  • Premium Subscriber Access

    If you are a premium subscriber you gain access to the enterprise data models and can leverage your own reporting projects immediately.

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The Enterprise Data Model

You have a working BW, but still need the operational reports for your day-2-day operations? In the case-study we show you a data model concept:

  • Identify Tables
  • Develop Data Model
  • Leverage with BI Edge
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A word from the Author

In a highly specialized world we need to optimize the tasks we perform. Each task must be aligned with the goal it is designed to support.

The concepts in this book are built upon the "SAP Touchdown" concept, which was designed as part of the N2ONE Web Portal solution. This solution leverages existing SAP processes and expands them with web channel interfaces. A fully integrated web process constitutes a successful "SAP Touchdown" including transactions and data in SAP.

Just like in football - a touchdown is an operational success that can only be achieved with the right strategy.

The data model concept helps you getting reports done quickly with operational and strategic perspective - Touchdown!

SAP BI Edge - Strategic Reporting Guide